Master Resin Art: 

Learn A New Craft, Spend More Time With Your Family & Start A Highly Lucrative Business... All At Once! 

If The Pandemic Has Taught Us Anything, It’s That Time Is Precious…

Mastering Resin Will Help You Spend It Wisely In More Ways Than One! 

🤔   How much time do you waste working 9-5 in a job you’re not passionate about?  

🤔   How much time do you spend worrying about your present and future financial situation? 

🤔   How much time do you miss out on spending with your family?

Now is the time to make a change to your personal and professional life! 

What if I told you that there’s a way to spend more time with your family and make memories for life…

...all while potentially making millions at the same time and securing their financial futures as well as your own? 

Yes, with Resin Crafting, you can have your cake and eat it! 

Hi, I’m Bruce Jackson. 

I’ve always been a hardcore crafter.

I love including the kids, pulling them away from their screens, and getting creative together as a family. 
Lots of people told me I should sell my personal creations.

Back then, that mostly involved custom shoes and other wearable art.

But, I never had the confidence. 

I figured…

“It was a hobby for the kids and me. 

How could it make an income?”

Then my wife started to resent her job and how much time it was taking away from the time we got to spend as a family. 

So, I gave selling my creations a shot. 

In truth, I wasn’t expecting a lot - just enough to take the edge off our finances and give us more time freedom. 

What happened next changed everything: 

My Resin Craft Business Now Generates Me Millions Of Dollars Of Revenue Each Year & Allows Me To Spend So Much More Time With My Family! 

If I told you it wasn’t about the money, I’d be lying. 

But, it’s not what you think…

The money I generate from my business enabled my wife and I to quit our jobs. 

We can spend our time in whatever way we choose. 
Like teaching our kids how to craft and encouraging them to explore their creative sides.

They can get away from their screens and learn something new and valuable.

We can then hold onto their creation forever as beautiful keepsakes.
We also have the time and freedom to extend the amazingly wholesome experience of resin crafting with our friends and our kid’s friends. 

It’s a great way to show an example of entrepreneurship and turning your passion into profit to everybody we meet… 

Resin is truly the gift that keeps on giving financially AND emotionally…

And now I want to give it to you! 

Introducing Resin: The Below The Radar Business Model That Ticks All Of The Right Boxes 

The pandemic has sparked a huge influx of entrepreneurship.

More and more people have been stuck at home, thrown into difficult financial situations, and realized their worlds are ruled by their jobs.

The problem? 
You want to get into entrepreneurship to have more time and money to spend with (and on) your family.

But, a lot of “traditional” entrepreneurial outlets are costly, time-consuming, and complicated to get up and running… let alone sustain. 

That counts for both bricks-and-mortar AND digital businesses. 

Setting up your own Resin business is different

It’s a passion project first and a profit generator later. 

The pressure is off! 

You begin simply by learning a new craft that you can master alone, with your kids, or both. You can also do it totally in your own time and it is FUN.  

As you get more confident, you can then start to custom, make and sell your keychains, coasters, and other molds. 

Your business is completely yours. You can work whenever your creativity strikes. 

And the rest of the time, you can be off of the clock crafting with your kids, having fun and making amazing memories! The choice is ALWAYS yours. 

As for the demand? 

Don’t underestimate it! Resin art is a growing community, and there is a big need for resin artists. I have generated multi-millions of dollars from my creations year in year out. People are crying out for more crafting businesses…and you can be one of them! 

Get Started With The Arts, Crafts & Cash Course Today: 

The 10-module course is broken down into two parts.
The first part teaches you step-by-step how to work with epoxy/resin and create resin art
I’ve made it to be 100% kid-friendly! It’s simple and easy to understand, so that you can learn your new craft together with your children. If kids can do it - so can you. So, no excuses! 
The second part shows you how to turn your new passion into a profitable business
But that’s not to say it can’t be kid-friendly either! Igniting entrepreneurial spirit in kids is one of the most valuable gifts you can ever give them (one of my customers’ daughters makes crafts in their garage by herself for her and her friends!)

All in all, here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • How to safely use epoxy to create resin art.
  • ​​How to create molds that business owners are to safely use epoxy to create resin art.
  • ​​How to price your products to sell.
  • ​How to track your numbers so that you can profit.
  • ​How to market your products.
  • ​How to create content that will have people racing to buy from you.
  • ​How to use this time wisely to build an incredible bond with your kids.
  • ​And more!
Whether You’re Looking To Start A Full-Blown Business, Spend More Time With Your Family - OR BOTH…
The Arts, Crafts & Cash Course Is For You! 
Special Offer: Save $2,299 Today Only $200!
You can’t put a price on what the Arts, Crafts & Cash course will bring to your life...

More time with your family = priceless.
Learning a new craft you love = priceless.
Teaching family and friends a skill = priceless.
Starting your own 6/7-figure business = priceless. 
Quitting the 9-5 and living life to the full = priceless. 

Demand for resin art is on the increase and the knowledge shared in my course single-handedly built me a multi-million dollar business from scratch. 

Usually, the course is $2499.

This covers learning the craft of resin, which could cost you $100’s in classes to master. 

AND how to transform it into a business that’s capable of earning you 6, 7-figures every single year. 

That’s invaluable knowledge that took me years and a lot of money to master. 

However, for a short period, you can get a HUGE $2,299 discount!

That means you won’t pay $2499 today. 

You’ll pay a one-off price of just $200! 

This is a limited-time deal that cannot last forever. 

To claim this discount enroll in the Arts, Crafts & Cash Course NOW:


  • Who should take this online course?
Anybody that is interested in investing within themselves or their children's future.
  • Are there prerequisites that I need to meet before taking this course?
No, not at all. You should come with an open mind. After taking the course your imagination is the only limitation to what you can create. That is the beauty of crafting. 
  • I'm in highschool, can I still take this course?
Yes absolutely. I have seen kids pick up these skills and learn entrepreneurship principles the same way an adult can. WIth the support group and this course you can't fail. 
  • Do I get support throughout the course?
Yes if there are any issues please email 
Also after purchasing you can join our Facebook group named " Arts Crafts and Cash Support " using your email address you signed up with.
  • How long will I have access to the course?
You will have lifetime access to the course once purchased.
  • Is there a deadline I need to complete the course within?
There is no deadline. You can complete the course at your own speed. We recommend that you purchase one or all of the crafting kits so you can create along with us during the lessons. 
  • How long is the course?
This course could be completed in a day but you will want to go back and study the sections. It would be best to work each section at a time and be able to revisit them as needed.
  • Do I have to complete the course in one go, or can I come back and restart?
You can come back and restart a module or the whole training as needed. 
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